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SOB is the solar physics project of the National Astronomical Observatory (NAO) Rozhen. The project is part of the research activities of the Department 'Sun and Solar System' at the Institute of Astronomy (IA) and NAO Rozhen, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

A starry night at NAO Rozhen

The whole starry night at NAO Rozhen, Bulgaria, images taken with Canon 40D camera and 18mm f/1,8 lenses.


Perseid meteor observations

During the annual peak of the Perseid meteor shower, a meteor observation took place at the National Astronomical Observatory Rozhen.
The image below shows the radiant of the meteor shower in the constellation of Perseus.
The image is combined from 21 individual subframes (each 2 minute exposed) taken on August 12th 2010 with Canon 40D digital camera and 10 mm lenses at f/4.0 .

ISS over the Sun

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On July 15th, 2010 at 14:27 (LST) the ISS crossed the solar disk as seen from Varna, Bulgaria. The image was taken by Emil Ivanov with CANON 40 D camera and 840mm CANON objectve.

Sunspots image 07 Aug 2010

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Sunspots observations in White-Light from the teritory of National Astronomical Observatory ROZHEN. The image was taken by Tsvetan Tsvetkov and Yovelina Zinkova with refractor telescope 80/1200 and Digital camera CANON EOS 350 D- summer astronomical scool Haskovo-Dimitrovgrad 2010.


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Meeting organized by Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in support of the Bulgarian science

On 18 May 2010, 10:30 LST the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences organize a meeting in support of the Bulgarian science. The National Astronomical Observatory Rozhen symbolic supports this act of protest and stand on a par with the rally participants.

Solar Dynamics Observatory goes live

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 SDO logoThe NASA "Solar Dynamics Observatory" (SDO) has sent it's first images of the sun. Enjoy.

Solar Halo on 03 April 2010

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A 22o solar halo was visible on 03 Apr 2010, 08:47 LT from the territory of the National Astronomical Observatory Rozhen.
The halo was visible on the cloudy sky background through trees as a divine glory.

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