Partial blue Moon eclipse on 31 Dec 2009

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Just before the end of 2009 we ware witness of the second full Moon of December named a Blue Moon. But only 3 hours before the New Year the Nature was present a follow phenomenon for us as a partial lunar eclipse. If we believe of superstitions or myths now is the moment to expect a lot of surprises from 2010.
 Partial Blue moon  eclipse

On the image are shown four frames from beginning to end of the eclipse. The photos are taken form village Momchilovci, Bulgaria, on 20h50m; 21h00m, 21h30m; 22h00m from left to right (time is LT=UT+2). This blue Moon eclipse was visible throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and parts of Alaska. At maximum eclipse, the Earth umbra covered less than 10 percent of the lunar disk.