Perseid meteor observations

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During the annual peak of the Perseid meteor shower, a meteor observation took place at the National Astronomical Observatory Rozhen.
The image below shows the radiant of the meteor shower in the constellation of Perseus.
The image is combined from 21 individual subframes (each 2 minute exposed) taken on August 12th 2010 with Canon 40D digital camera and 10 mm lenses at f/4.0 .

Starting from August 10th an increased numbers of meteors was observed . According to our visual observations the meteor shower's maximum  was about 23:00 (LST).
Until August 15th single Perseids were detected with our cameras. The next image shows a bright meteor striking the aria of Pleiades. The shot was taken with Canon 40D and 300 mm f/2,8 Canon lenses.

The images were taken by Emil Ivanov at NAO Rozhen.

Our observation team.